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Investment Department – Team Leader (Wuhan or Shenzhen)



1.Lead the team to carry out project development, key point control and feasibility analysis;

2.Negotiate with counterparties, control risks in all respects, such as legal risks, conduct product design & innovation, and facilitate transactions;

3.Instruct team members to push forward each stage of work, including due diligence, project initiation, up-front investment, investment, etc

4.Carry out project financing on a targeted basis, and drive project landing;

5.Exploit resources, refine the team’s work plans, and lead the team to complete annual performance indicators;

6.Train team members to improve their competence and performance;

7 Finish other work assigned by the superior.



1.  Bachelor’s degree or above from a full-time university, major in economics & finance preferred, aged 32-40;

2.  Familiar with real estate fund operation, rich experience in real estate project investment judgment, risk control, financial calculation, product design, transaction negotiation, etc.;

3.  Have certain financial institution resources, keen to read capital market signals, carry out project development and capital linkage;

4.  Good team management capability, give full play to the advantage of team members, improve the team’s competitive strength; 

5.  Excellent management and communication skills, clear in mind, forward-looking, good judgment.


  Interested parties please send your CV tocareer@gemdale.com

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