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【WINS Glory】 WINS Investment was awarded "CV Top 10 Investment Institution in China Real Estate Industry in the Year of 2021"
【WINS Glory】 WINS Investment honorably won the award of "Financial & Excellent Institution of the Year"

[WINS Glory] WINS Investment honorably won the award of "Financial & ExcellentInstitution of the Year"

On December 8~9, 2021, the 6th Real Estate Asset Management Summit, co-organized by RuiheThink Tank and Van Sound Club, was successfully held at Shanghai Agile Marriott Hotel. The theme of this year's summit was "Renewing Everything, Facing the Future", aiming to focus on the unpredictable industry situation and how the industry of real estate asset management can break through the current dilemma and distribute the future development direction under the new trend and new mode after the launch of urban renewal.


On the evening of December 9, 2021, at the 6th China Real Estate Asset Management Summit - "New Power of Asset Management"Award Ceremony, WINS Investment was awarded the "Financial & Excellent Institution of the Year" by virtue of its professional asset management ability and solid business performance.


The list of "New Power of Asset Management" aims to identify industry models and examples, select outstanding enterprises and projects through appraisal, and commend them for having made high achievements based on continuous innovation, sustainable development, and refined management under the high pressure of the industry while adhering to their initial aspirations, and for their having brought enlightenment to the industry to help the industry move towards a better future.



WINS Investment - a leader in the sector of real estate funds


WINS Investment is a professional institution of real estate investment under the Gemdale Corporation, focusing on domestic and international investment management of real estate, with branches in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, and Hong Kong. In the spirit of pioneers, the team of WINS Investment started to explore the business of real estate finance in 2006, and established the US dollar fund (UG Fund) with the internationally renowned UBS Global Asset Management Group (UBS) in 2008 as the first standardized real estate fund in China, and then started to expand the RMB fund business in 2010. WINS Investment is committed to building a stable and professional investment platform for global investors. From 2012 to 2021, WINS Investment was rated as TOP 10 Real Estate Fund in China by many authoritative institutions and media, such as Zero2IPO Group, China Index Academy, China Business Network, ChinaVenture (CV), Guandian, CRIC, and Chinese Venture.


As an important carrier of the financial wing of the "one body with two wings" strategy of Gemdale Corporation, WINS Investment has maintained steady growth and industry recognition in the sector of real estate finance over the years, relying on the strong platform and competitiveness of Gemdale Corporation, fully reflecting the solid strength of Gemdale Corporation 's diversified layout. In the future, WINS Investment will continue to implement the development strategy of Gemdale Corporation – a comprehensive provider of urban service and a developer of new areas of industry-city integration. We are committed to building WINS Investment into the most valuable international integrated institution of asset management, providing the most professional financial services of real estate for urban development and industry-city integration, and boosting the healthy development of China's real estate finance.


Strong shareholder background


Founded in Shenzhen, China in 1988 and listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange (SSE) (600383.SH) in 2001, WINS Investment's shareholder, Gemdale Corporation, has developed into a comprehensive listed company with real estate development as its main business and with the all-round development of related diversified business based on decades of exploration and practice. Its business covers real estate development, commercial real estate and development and operation of industrial park/town, real estate finance, intelligent services, sports industry operation, home decoration industry, agency construction industry, and education industry. The business scope is both domestic and overseas, covering more than 280 large and medium-sized cities in China and eight different cities and regions on the eastern and western coasts of the United States. As of December 31, 2021, Gemdale Corporation had total assets of RMB 462.8 billion and net assets attributable to shareholders of RMB 63 billion, and had been included in the Forbes Global 2000 and Fortune China 500 lists for consecutive years.


Management team with dual background of "real estate + finance”


The core management team of WINS Investment boasts comprehensive backgrounds and capabilities in the fundraising, investment, management, and exit of real estate, with over 10 years of work experience and management experience. Most of the team members come from different industry sectors such as banks, trusts, investment institutions, and real estate funds, with rich experience in the equity investment and fund management of real estate. With its professional investment management mode, keen industry insight, efficient market response ability, and rich operational experience, the team of WINS Investment endeavors to discover and create value for investors!


Winning trust by professionalism


As a professional institution of real estate investment under Gemdale Corporation, WINS Investment adheres to the core value of "Winning Trust by Professionalism" and takes "Value Discovery and Value Creation" as its core concept. In recent years, we have focused on the development of a diversified and comprehensive business system of equity investment, old city transformation funds, urban renewal funds, core value-added funds, asset securitization, etc. in residential development projects in first- and second-tier cities as well as powerful third-tier cities. Our invested projects cover residence, commerce, industrial parks, apartments, and other industries, with mutual synergy and promotion in all important aspects of real estate including fundraising, investment, management, and exit. Based on the accurate grasp of the market cycle and city differences, relying on the quality channels and risk control advantages of WINS Investment, we explore and lock more high-quality projects and investment opportunities in the market, create value for our clients by matching risk and return, and build a sound and professional investment platform for global investors.




WINS Investment has established good cooperation relationships with international and domestic institutional investors, insurance companies, asset management companies, major commercial banks, trust companies, securities companies, public funds, and other institutions. Meanwhile, by combining its own funds with investments from investors and strategic partners, WINS Investment has built up a multi-channel and multi-level capital source to protect the successful operation of investment projects through its professional value discovery and value creation capabilities.

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